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Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Felony controlled substance possession
Result: Dismissal

When my client's vehicle was unlawfully searched by police officers, I was able to get the results of the search suppressed, and her case was then dismissed.

Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Felony 1st and 3rd degree assault and misdemeanor domestic assault
Result: Acquittal at trial

My client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend at their residence. A careful investigation of the alleged crime scene helped us show a jury that my client was not guilty.

Norman County (MN) case
Charges: Felony threats of violence
Result: Continued for dismissal

My client was accused of threatening a judge. By raising issues of witness credibility, I got his case continued for dismissal, meaning it was dismissed after a period of time once certain conditions were met. My client was released from custody and able to return to his life.

Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Attempted murder charges
Result: Acquitted on all six counts

Clay County (MN) case
Charges: 3rd and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct
Result: Acquitted on both charges

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