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Clay County (MN case)
Charges: 2nd degree assault and threats of violence
Result: Dismissed

Our client was charged with two felonies and was facing presumptive prison time and the loss of his gun rights. After spending more than a year working on the case, and feeling confident about taking the case to trial if need be, we decided to explore a pre-trial resolution by entering into a negotiation with the prosecutor. The case was dismissed in its entirety, allowing our client to move on with his life sooner, get his firearm back from police custody, and retain his gun rights.

Clay County (MN case)
Charges: Vehicle seizure and forfeiture based on DWI charges
Result: Dismissed

Our client's valuable recreational vehicle was involved in another person's DWI incident and was seized for forfeiture. Through meticulous research and application of Minnesota forfeiture law, we presented a successful innocent owner argument that got our client's vehicle released to him without a formal court case having to be filed.

Minnesota case
Charges: Felony criminal sexual conduct
Result: Pre-trial diversion

Our client was charged in a serious criminal sexual conduct case with mandatory registration as a predatory offender and a prison sentence. We were able to resolve it in a way that avoided a prison sentence and any need to register, and with a court order for eventual dismissal of the case in its entirety.

Otter Tail County (MN) case
Charges: Probation violation
Result: Reinstatement on probation

Our client had previously received a stay of adjudication for a criminal sexual conduct charge. He also had a prior violation resulting in additional conditions of probation. A new probation violation was putting him at risk of having to register as a predatory offender, among other potential consequences. By working with our client to develop a comprehensive argument, we were able to get him reinstated on probation. He will not have to register and also does not have to serve any jail time.

Cass County (ND) case
Charges: DUI and DUI test refusal
Result: Dismissal

Our client was charged with both DUI and refusing to submit to DUI testing. Based on a legal argument and information we provided to the prosecutor, which included our client's medical history, she agreed to dismiss the DUI charges.

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