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Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Theft and damage to property
Result: Dismissal

Our client was charged with damaging and stealing the property of a neighbor. We were able to demonstrate to the prosecutor that he did not intend any theft or damage, and that restoring the property and dismissing the charges was an appropriate outcome.

Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Probation violation
Result: Reinstatement on probation

Our client had two convictions for felony driving while impaired, which in Minnesota typically always results in a prison sentence. He got a probation violation on the newest case; the prosecutor asked the judge to execute his sentence our client to prison. Through extensive discovery litigation and cross-examination of the probation agent, we were able to show that our client's violation was minimal and that he was better served on probation. The judge agreed with us and released our client in just a few days from the hearing.

Clay County (MN) case
Charges: Felony ineligible voting
Result: Acquittal at trial

Our client voted not knowing he was ineligible to vote. We proved in a successful court trial that he was not guilty.

Polk County (MN) case
Charges: Felony fleeing, reckless driving, and careless driving charges
Result: Dismissal of felony fleeing and reckless driving charges

My client became involved in an unusual law enforcement pursuit and was arrested on a felony fleeing charge. We aggressively prepared for trial, but ultimately I was able to get the felony charge dismissed. My client was able to plead to a petty misdemeanor careless driving and move on with his life.

Becker County (MN) case
Charges: Felony criminal vehicular operation felony charge and misdemeanor DWI
Result: Dismissal

We worked with an expert witness to show that our client was the passenger and not the driver in this incident, resulting in the case against him being dismissed in its entirety.

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