Bruce Ringstrom Jr. is an amazing trial lawyer! What started as a domestic assault turned into being charged with felony 1st degree and 3rd degree assaults too. I thought my life was over, but he won me my life. A jury deliberated and found me not guilty in a little over an hour. I pray to God I never go through this again, but he would be the only lawyer I would hire. He is very hardworking and dedicated, very honest, and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. For anyone needing a lawyer, I highly recommend Bruce. He will give a 100% and he's a damn good trial lawyer. He's not afraid to go to trial and he has won many big trial cases. That's what you want in a lawyer.

Clay County MN client

Though my son made several mistakes, he has two mental illness diagnoses. Bruce Sr. understood, listened, and gave him first-class representation. While it was not a court requirement, he has arranged for ongoing support for my son. We both are grateful for Bruce. He was perfect legally, perfect personally, and always available.


Bruce Ringstrom Sr. is outstanding. He was hired to help my partner through a difficult situation, and he went above and beyond to provide unparalleled service. Bruce communicated with us effectively through every step, and helped us resolve issues swiftly. Bruce also treated us with great care and respect, accepting calls even on weekends and assisting us with the unexpected loss of one of our family members. To say that I am pleased with the service and outcome would be an understatement. Bruce is knowledgeable and passionate about his work, and it definitely shows.

Becker County MN client

Felony Probation Violation, No Jail Time!

Bruce has represented me twice now and both times he did an incredible job. I was looking at an 18-month prison sentence and walked out of the court house reinstated on probation with time served. It couldn't have gone better for me. Thank you, Bruce, for the hard work, fair price, and job well done.


Bruce Jr.'s work quality is excellent, even superb. He really cares about his clients. He was so confident, and to the point. I truly felt that he understood who I was and was able to argue that to the judge. Bruce kept me from going to federal prison. He also got a case thrown out for me, in both state and federal court. I have absolutely 100% trust in Bruce.


Got My Felony Charge Dropped.

Bruce Ringstrom Jr. is an extremely competent and professional lawyer. He is very resourceful, hard-working, honest, straightforward, and dependable. I couldn't have asked for better results.


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