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What makes Ringstrom Law different?

Taking cases to trial


How do you defend a case where the government has strong evidence against you?

What is the Brady rule?


How can you defend “those people”?

Do you practice other fields of law?


What should business owners charged with crimes be aware of?

How can a criminal conviction affect my firearms rights?


I am a family member of the defendant. Will you keep me informed?

Why does experience matter in an HRU supervised release hearing?


How soon do HRU supervised release hearings take place?

Where do HRU supervised release hearings take place?


Who decides if you violated in an HRU supervised release hearing?

How do you appeal a decision in an HRU supervised release hearing?


What are supervised release dates (SRD) and projected release dates (PRD)?

What is conditional release in Minnesota?


Why is conditional release required for certain DWI and criminal sexual conduct offenses? - Sr

What is “boot camp” (CIP)?


What is an implied consent case?

What is a chemical dependency evaluation?


How much time does it take to resolve a case?

What should I tell a family member who calls me from jail?


What are specialty courts, like drug court?

Can I withdraw a guilty plea before sentencing?


What is the necessity defense?

What are the standards of proof in HRU supervised release hearings, compared to probation violation hearings?


What type of evidence is admissible in an HRU supervised release hearing?

How is ISR different from regular supervised release?


What should I do if my agent tells me to turn myself in?

What if I’m being supervised outside of Minnesota and I get a violation?


Are there guidelines or typical penalties for violations of supervised release?

Can good time be earned on return time?


Can a sentence be extended in a supervised release or HRU hearing?

Is it appropriate for law enforcement to lie? 


What is asset forfeiture? 

How Do You Defend “Those People”? 


  • Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • MSBA: Minnesota State Bar Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • State Bar Association of North Dakota

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