After an arrest and criminal charge, you need to find a skilled and reliable criminal defense attorney to help defend you. There are, of course, many criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota. However, not all attorneys are of equal ability and responsiveness. If you seek the best legal representation in Norman County, you can count on Ringstrom Law. Our committed criminal defense attorneys will walk with you until the conclusion of your case. Here we elaborate on some of the reasons you and your family should choose Ringstrom Law.

  1. Our Attorneys Are Responsive

We understand that when you are facing criminal charges, your freedom is usually at stake. Our criminal defense attorneys are responsive, doing their best to either answer when you call or get back to you as promptly as possible. If you realize that an attorney is habitually difficult to reach, this should serve as a red flag that the attorney may not be as trustworthy or as focused on your case as you need. By choosing us, you will have an attorney you can trust and rely on to help you fight your criminal charges. Your Ada criminal defense attorney will be available whenever you need them, even in seemingly odd hours, when the circumstances dictate. Norman County is a small county relative to population; this has no effect on our concern for the seriousness of your charges or the stakes you face. We will proactively keep you updated on the progress of your case, reaching out to you as your case develops.  

  1. We Specialize in Minnesota Criminal Law

It’s always an advantage to work with a local attorney who understands the state laws and local customs. This is particularly important to keep in mind if you were only traveling through or visiting Norman County and live elsewhere. At Ringstrom Law, we specialize in Minnesota criminal law and have extensive experience in the courthouses of west-central Minnesota. Our attorneys understand all the aspects of the law, including common tactics and ploys that prosecutors use. We interact frequently with the local police, prosecutors, and judges. Therefore, we are better placed both to negotiate a favorable outcome for your case and to take your case to trial—whichever is the chosen course of action. Along the way, our attorneys will explain to you why your case is being handled the way it is, the potential penalties of your charges, information about collateral consequences (such as driver’s license revocation), and other information. 

Being charged with a criminal case can be overwhelming, especially if you have never even been accused of a crime before. You might feel overwhelmed if you have never interacted with the criminal justice system, or even if you have. Having a criminal defense attorney who understands Minnesota’s systems will help reduce your anxiety. 

  1. We Are Reputable

Our exceptional criminal defense services have earned us a consistently good reputation in Norman County and the surrounding area. We are grateful to the colleagues and past clients who have given us positive reviews, and encourage anyone considering us for their own case to explore these online reviews. We strive to provide the best service we can to everyone who reaches out to us, in addition to those who become our clients.  

  1. We Are Straightforward About Our Fees 

We will make sure you understand what our fees are and how our billing structure works. Amid the stress of having a criminal case, billing surprises should never be an added concern for defendants or their families. In addition to being clear and transparent about fees, we offer flexibility through different payment methods, including check and credit card. 

  1. We Are Committed and Enthusiastic

You should always consider an attorney's enthusiasm when identifying the ideal criminal defense attorney. A good defense attorney should not just be experienced and knowledgeable; you should choose an attorney who also enjoys his or her work and cares about getting the best outcomes and the most comprehensive justice. At Ringstrom Law, we have an unwavering commitment to the constitutional rights of our clients. Our attorneys exhibit passion and commitment irrespective of the type of crime you are accused of. The people we defend are just as worthy of respect and dedication as people who don’t happen to be charged with crimes. Your Ada criminal defense attorney will work tirelessly to defend your constitutional rights and fight your criminal charges. 

  1. Our Attorneys Are Confident and Aggressive

All our attorneys are not only confident but also aggressive. We understand that after an arrest, you have high expectations regarding your attorney's performance. A confident attorney will negotiate with prosecutors or work to persuade jurors and judges, boldly telling your side of the story. When facing criminal charges, you are likely already nervous and apprehensive enough. You shouldn't have to deal with a timid attorney. You need an attorney who—while not overly aggressive to the point of bullying and alienating others—is wholly prepared to argue for your interests.

  1. Our Attorneys Listen

An attorney works for you and should be eager to listen to your side of the story and what your goals are. Even when you look to your defense attorney to tell you what to do, he or she should be willing to listen to you, too. For instance, an attorney should consider your priorities first, including whether you would like your case to proceed to trial. You should also be free to express yourself to your attorney regarding the case's costs.

The relationship between a client and an attorney should be based on trust and communication. How can you tell whether we listen to our clients? Even though you can't judge any attorney based solely on the reviews, doing some online research will help you understand what to expect. Our online reviews prove that we truly do listen to our clients. We are always willing to listen to them and put their needs first.

Why You Should Not Overlook the Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney

In every case, the sooner you hire a criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest, the better off you are likely to be. You don't even have to wait until an arrest to seek the help of a defense attorney. You should contact an attorney immediately if you suspect that you are a subject of a criminal investigation. An attorney will help ensure that you don't give the wrong information to the police, another law enforcement agency, or anyone else. When you involve an attorney from the beginning, he or she will have a>mple time to build a solid defense on your behalf, including the opportunity to gather crucial evidence that might not be available later in the case. 

Often, people believe they have what it takes to give their side of the story in a manner that will protect them. Unfortunately, many defendants are disappointed in the outcome when they attempt to go it alone. You should remember that investigators and prosecutors are trained and may go to great lengths to extract information from you. You might end up giving information that will implicate you and escalate your charges further, even if you don’t realize that danger at the time. In some instances, the government may take your words out of context and implicate you for a crime you did not commit.

An attorney will help you identify the tricks that the police tend to use. For instance, the police may tell you that if you confess to the crime or tell them what happened, they will allow you to go home. You should not fall for this trick. Though the system isn’t supposed to be this way, a police or other investigator’s goal is to coerce you and make you incriminate yourself, making their job easier. You should never assume that the prosecutor or the law enforcement officers will give you the benefit of the doubt in a criminal case. This is not to say that all prosecutors, officers, and deputies have nefarious motives or are fundamentally unfair people. Rather, our long experience shows that there are just too many ways for someone’s situation to deteriorate when they lack the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Your Attorney Is on Your Side

Unlike the prosecutors and law enforcement officers of Ada and the rest of Norman County, your criminal defense attorney will be on your side. It is our duty, but also our privilege, to provide zealous defense to all our clients. Your attorney will ensure to the best of his or her ability that your rights and your future are protected. Your attorney will use every avenue to create a defense and secure the best possible outcome for your case. 

The best way you can help your attorney do their job is by contacting them immediately once you learn that you are under investigation for a crime. It's not wise to speak to law enforcement officers or any employee of the government before you first contact an attorney. Always remember that you have a right to remain silent because anything you say could be used against you—and always remember that though your own situation may seem like an exception to that rule, it almost certainly isn’t. 

Our reliable attorneys at Ringstrom Law handle all types of criminal cases, including

  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Fraud
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault 
  • Robbery
  • Murder and homicide
  • Manslaughter, including vehicular manslaughter
  • DWIs

Your criminal defense attorney will gather all the facts of your case and work with you to create a persuasive defense.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Minnesota, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Contacting an attorney early will give them enough time to investigate your case. Ringstrom Law provides outstanding legal counsel and representation in Ada, Norman County, Minnesota. Contact us at 218-284-0484 and speak to one of our attorneys.