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Exceptional Criminal Defense Attorneys in Minnesota

Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr. are skilled, knowledgeable, and results-driven attorneys with over 50 years of combined criminal law experience. They have earned a reputation as relentless advocates who employ innovative tactics and leave no stone unturned. The Ringstrom duo consistently wins by preparing each case as if going to trial. Whereas some lawyers are specifically concerned with avoiding contested hearings and trials, attorneys Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr. always prepare for courtroom battles. They fight to win.

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Relentlessly Fighting to Protect the Rights of Good People in Unfortunate Situations
Dealing with the criminal justice system can be extremely stressful and confusing. Whether you’re under investigation, have been arrested, or are facing criminal charges, you are at risk. Choose Ringstrom Law to extricate yourself from the unfortunate situation you find yourself in. When you hire us, you get diligent attorneys on your side, attacking every aspect of the prosecution’s case. We pride ourselves on our proactive investigation into the details of every case. We also know how to cross-examine experts and witnesses to challenge scientific evidence brought against you. Regardless of the type of criminal charge you’re facing, we’re committed to using every legal resource at our disposal to acquit you at trial, or to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

Bruce Ringstrom Sr.

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Let’s face it: being arrested can be an unpleasant, terrifying, confusing, and stressful experience. From the time of the arrest, things can move fast, and it may be hard to know what steps to take or whom to consult. And with all the confusion and stress, it can be easy to provide incriminating information when being interrogated by police. It can also be tempting to accept a plea offer without understanding what you’re getting yourself into. Sometimes prosecutors get ruthless in preparing a case, but we will ensure the criminal justice system treats you fairly. Our Minnesota defense attorneys are skilled negotiators who can get a better deal with prosecutors. When you have us in your corner, these prosecutors know that you’re prepared to fight.

If you’ve been arrested, get in touch with us immediately. Every minute is important as the case moves forward. We advise all our prospective clients to approach us soon after their arrest. When you bring us on board early enough, you give us more time to investigate and prepare a solid defense. We also have more time to find loopholes in the prosecution’s case and prepare a roadmap for your freedom. We have your best interest at heart and will give you sound advice while taking seriously what you want and how you feel.  

Every case is different. Instead of employing a one-size-fits-all approach like many other attorneys, we carefully construct a strategy based on the specifics of your case. Some cases need finesse. Others need an aggressive approach. We have the experience to know which approach your case needs. Being reasoned and calculated leads to more meaningful negotiations and better results for our client.

Unlike law firms that treat you as another file, we treat you as an individual with a family, a job, and a member of the community. We take a hands-on approach to fully understand each client’s case so that we can develop a truly personalized legal strategy. We understand that the collateral consequences of the charges are just as real as the criminal consequences. By taking the time to evaluate every aspect of your case, we develop and implement a strategy that will serve you best.

And because we know that facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, we focus on giving our clients the respect and attention they need. Our compassionate and dedicated defense lawyers will answer your calls and emails as promptly as possible, and we’ll keep you updated with the status of your case throughout the entire process. We put a premium on developing close relationships with our clients and earning their trust.

What happens if you’re arrested on a holiday or outside of the 9-to-5 normal operating hours? We know that police don’t coordinate with people’s schedules when making arrests. This is why Ringstrom Law is proud to offer 24/7 criminal defense availability in Minnesota. Whether you’re arrested on the weekend, on a holiday, or at night, we’re available to take your calls and provide the defense counsel you need.

The sooner you hire the right lawyer when you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, the better. Criminal cases are time-sensitive. The time period between getting arrested and retaining the services of an attorney could make or break your case. Time that goes by without legal representation could leave you vulnerable to a conviction. Crucial evidence might be damaged over time, and witnesses might disappear. You should not have to wait for regular office hours to get an attorney. Call Ringstrom Law immediately if you or a loved has been arrested for a crime in Minnesota.

We believe all criminal allegations demand early intervention and investigation. Our attorneys strive for a dismissal of your charges, which means we have to be proactive and ready for anything that’s thrown our way. An arraignment frequently occurs within 24 hours of your arrest, and we want to be there during that process. We believe it’s an important part of your case, and you should not have to go through it alone. Call us at any time so that our attorneys can provide the support and representation you need and deserve.

We became defense lawyers because of our desire to defend citizens against the government. If you’re arrested or charged with any type of crime, we will defend your rights, your freedom, and your reputation. We know how much effort goes into winning, and we’re dedicated to putting in ample time and resources into every case. Our lawyers can provide defense at any stage of your Minnesota criminal case. We are proficient in investigative, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial stages of criminal cases. Whether you’re under investigation, have been arrested and charged, want to appeal, or are looking to have your record expunged, we are committed to achieving a case victory no matter how far along your case is.

With over 50 years of experience defending Minnesota’s accused, our statewide attorneys have successfully handled all sorts of criminal cases. We are proud of the skills we have gained from these cases because they have allowed us to develop proven criminal defense strategies. When we take on your case, be confident that we will have your best interests at heart, and we’ll put in the time to aggressively defend you.

Victory Can Mean Different Outcomes

Our clients are consistently satisfied with their great results. But there are many ways to win a criminal case. Every case is unique and is defended based on specific circumstances. We cannot predict exactly how a case will turn out, but you should know that a victory can mean different things. A victory can mean the prosecutor is choosing not to pursue a case against you. A victory can mean being found not guilty at trial. A victory can also mean having the charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. A victory can mean striking a fair deal with the prosecutor. Success in a criminal case can mean getting deferred adjudication and keeping you out of jail or prison. Victory can mean keeping an arrest or conviction from your record. Victory can mean avoiding having to register as a predatory offender or sex offender.

We apply zealous and aggressive defense to all cases. The techniques we use depend on the facts of the case as well as the client’s preferred outcome. When we meet with you, we will listen, analyze your case, explore all the details, and talk about your defense options. We’ll discuss your goals and the possibilities of achieving those goals. We will then map out a course of action to protect your rights.

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Criminal Sexual Conduct

If you’ve been charged with assault in Minnesota, you are facing significant consequences. Some of these consequences will be detrimental to your future, as Minnesota carries some of the strictest penalties in the country. You are going to want a strong defense against these allegations from one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the state. Ringstrom Law is here to protect you and your rights.

The State of Minnesota defines assault as an act completed in which a person intends to inflict injury or cause imminent fear in another. There are various degrees of assault, according to Minnesota laws. If you have been arrested and charged with any of these crimes in Moorhead, you want Ringstrom Law, experienced Minnesota criminal attorneys on your side to help you through the court system.

Assault in Minnesota

The act of assault can be committed by making physical contact with another, or by adding a dangerous product to another’s food or drink. In Minnesota, there are several degrees of criminal assault, and the different levels or degrees are based on the amount of injury inflicted and the severity of the injury which occurred:

Assault in the first degree is the most serious charge that can be made against another. With this charge, it is claimed there has been serious bodily harm done to another. The injury inflicted is said to have resulted in disfigurement, or that the other person’s life was put at risk. With a first-degree assault charge, it can also be alleged the injured party has lost the use of a body function as a result of the assault. If convicted of first-degree assault, you are facing twenty years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines.
Assault in the second degree is when an assault has involved a dangerous weapon. If the weapon has inflicted serious bodily harm, a conviction will carry a more significant prison sentence. Conviction of second-degree assault carries a seven-year prison term with up to $14,000 in fine. If the weapon caused substantial injuries, the prison term is extended up to ten years with a possible $20,000 fine.
Assault in the third degree is still considered a felony in Minnesota, but it has stipulations connected with it. This charge is less severe and is charged if one is convicted of assaulting someone four years old or younger, assaults a minor and has a previous history of abuse on file, or if bodily harm is caused. If convicted of assault in the third degree, you would face up to five years in prison with up to $10,000 in fines.

Assault in the fourth degree is charged as a misdemeanor and is not considered an automatic felony. This level of assault is charged as a ‘gross misdemeanor,’ which means it is not as severe as a felony, but more serious than a misdemeanor and is considered a minor crime in the court system. These charges are often made if one has an altercation with a law enforcement official, their probation officer, or other public servants. Fourth-degree assault charges are also often applied during discriminatory crimes. If one is convicted of assaulting another due to their sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability, it would be charged as assault in the fourth-degree. If convicted of fourth-degree assault, you would face up to one year in jail with up to $3,000 in fines. Contact Ringstrom Law if facing this assault as the prosecution could push for your charges to become a felony. You will need strong legal representation on your side to protect your rights.

Assault in the fifth degree is the least severe of the five levels of assault charges. This charge would not be considered a felony or a gross misdemeanor. One can be charged with assault in the fifth degree for even attempting an assault but were not successful with the act. If convicted of assault in the fifth degree, you can be sentenced up to ninety days in jail, and the presiding judge will determine fines in your case.

In the State of Minnesota, there are more severe punishments given when an assault occurs against certain employees. Anytime a law enforcement officer is assaulted, the person convicted of the crime will face much stricter consequences.

Other assault charges that include demonstrable bodily harm, such as teeth marks or bruises on specific employees while performing their duties, will also receive stricter sentencing. Employees included are:

  • Employees with the Department of Natural Resources while engaged in forest fire activities

  • School employees, administrators, and teachers

These employees are protected under Minnesota Statute 609.2231.

Other employees protected under Minnesota State Law who are assaulted by a defendant who has inflicted demonstrable harm on them when engaged in the duties, and it is proven the defendant knows or has reason to know they are a protected employee includes:

  • Health investigators and occupational safety

  • Public health nurses

  • Animal control officers

  • Those who are part of a community crime prevention group as a neighborhood patrol

  • Postal workers

  • Vulnerable adults are considered those who receive home care services or inpatient treatments.

  • AG inspectors

  • Child protection workers

  • Parole or probation officers

  • Reserve law enforcement officers

  • Utility service workers

If an assault is committed against another person because of their national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion, color, race, or sex, then the crime is more severely punished in the State of Minnesota under statute 609.2231.

Assaults such as hate crimes and those committed against protected employees where a defendant has previously been convicted of domestic violence are considered gross misdemeanor which is punishable up to one year in jail with a possible fine up to $3,000.

If an inmate serving a prison sentence is convicted of assault, their punishment will not begin for the assault conviction until the inmate has completed the initial sentence. This sentencing occurs even if the assault would be considered a misdemeanor including a jail sentence.

Not all offenders in the State of Minnesota are convicted of criminal assault if they have been charged with this crime. They do not all face the maximum sentencing or fines if they have an experienced criminal defense attorney working with them in courts. With an experienced legal defense, it is possible to have charges reduced, have penalties reduced, and in some cases, an experienced defense attorney can have charges dismissed. Ringstrom Law understands the laws in Minnesota and is able to help you through this difficult time if facing assault charges.

Assault Conviction and the Consequences

When you are facing assault charges, there are non-criminal consequences to deal with. As an alleged offender, you will want an attorney working with you who is familiar with Minnesota laws. If you should be convicted of these charges, you are facing significant consequences that will impact your entire future.

At Ringstrom Law, we understand what an assault conviction means for you and what the adverse effects it will play in your life, along with the substantial fines you can face. A conviction of these charges could result in:

With an assault conviction on your criminal record, it will show up in any background check done by possible employers. You will be required to disclose the conviction on any new job application. If an employer discovers you have an assault conviction, they are legally able to terminate your employment.

There can be an enormous amount of stress on someone accused of assault, as well as on their friends and family. Assault charges carry a certain amount of embarrassment, as well as the issues involved with appearing in court, and not understanding the legal system to know what to expect. Not knowing how much fines may amount to or how much jail or prison time can be imposed are major stress factors in assault cases. Stress levels are known to escalate during these proceedings as the level of severity in the cases are often unknown until the courts have determined your sentencing. Ringstrom Law will work with you to keep you informed throughout the process and help to reduce these unknown factors as much as possible.

If convicted of an assault, a judge is able to require you to complete an anger management assessment. If it is discovered in your case, there were drugs or alcohol involved; they can also require you to undergo a chemical assessment as well. The outcome of the assessments will determine whether or not; you will be required to complete rehabilitation or counseling. These counseling and rehabilitation sessions can not only be time-consuming, but they can also become expensive.

If a person is convicted of third-degree assault, they can be placed on probation. Probation can be non-intensive or extremely intensive, where it will restrict your travel and other daily activities. If you are already on probation and then charged with assault, it could cause a probation violation.

If you have been accused of assault, there are most likely a lot of thoughts going through your mind as you worry about the possible outcomes these charges can cause you. Ringstrom Law is ready to help you through this challenging legal battle and will use their expertise with the law and the court system to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. They will work with you throughout the process and keep you informed on all possible outcomes.

Defending Assault Charges

In the State of Minnesota, you can be charged with assault even if you do not physically injure someone. Assault charges can apply if you act in a specific way and make someone fear you will harm them. Often times a mutual altercation or an act of self-defense can lead to an assault charge. These charges can be the result of a heated argument, exaggerated accusations, or even misunderstood arguments.

The different levels of assault are a result of those actions which fall under assault charges. There are severe penalties and fines attached to some of these convictions, so you will want strong legal counsel when facing any degree of assault as there are defense strategies to implement to fight assault allegations.

An affirmative defense acknowledges that you did, in fact, commit the actions you are being charged with, but that those actions were not a criminal act. There are a number of reasons for why you acted out:

  • Consent

If both parties were consenting to an action, then that action cannot be considered illegal or a crime. An example of this situation would be if two people were involved in a boxing match, and one boxer sustains unexpected injuries and attempts to call it an assault. Because they both agreed to have a boxing match, neither of them can accuse the other of assault just because of unexpected injuries.

Consent is not an easy defense to use, and your attorney at Ringstrom Law will discuss your options and necessary evidence needed to use this form of defense strategy.

  • Self Defense

One of the common defense strategies used in assault cases is self-defense. This defense will show you had to defend yourself against your accuser’s threatening behavior and that the alleged victim is, in fact, the aggressor. You will have to show their behavior is what resulted in your actions, and those actions were only to defend yourself against harm.

The defense strategy can also relate if you were defending property or another person. If your actions were the result of a threat against another person and you have to protect them, you cannot be charged with assault. You also cannot be charged with assault if the other party threatened your property, and you acted out in defense. The property defense is a typical one used when someone breaks into or onto your property, and you have to defend yourself.

The disputative defense is when your attorney can question the alleged behavior you are being accused of using.

  • Mistaken Identity

Often times, a person’s memory is unreliable. A person involved in an assault will be emotional, and their memory may become embellished or biased. Sometimes the details of the assault given by the alleged victim are not actual facts and only what they believe to have happened. Because of these behaviors, it is sometimes mistaken identity made by a victim of an assault. It happens that a person can ‘look like’ their assailant due to race, or the fact that you were in the area when the assault took place. If your face looks familiar because the victim saw you when the attack took place, they may become confused and involve you in the assault.

Mistaken identity can be disputed by your attorney when evidence shows you were not the assailant. Ringstrom Law will help you to confirm this defense and work with you to put together the necessary evidence to clear your name.

  • Accuser’s Credibility

With a defense strategy of challenging the accuser’s credibility, it means the victim, or a witness, is lying, and their story about your actions is not the truth. When your attorney at Ringstrom Law uses this defense, they are confident they will be able to attack inconsistencies in statements given to the authorities and make the prosecution’s case against you weak. This strategy raises doubts, and along with contrary evidence or even a rebuttal witness, the story of the event can become a different version. It means the case against you may also be dismissed.

When using the credibility defense strategy, your attorney may look into the character of the witnesses testifying against you, or your accuser’s background. Looking into these backgrounds is an attempt to argue their trustworthiness and whether or not their story about your actions can be trusted.

  • Alibi

Just as with the ‘wrong person’ or ‘mistaken identity’ defense, the alibi defense can show evidence that you were not anywhere near the victim at the time of the assault. Your attorney from Ringstrom Law will show you were at the movies where witnesses remember seeing you, or you were at work, or even perhaps a party where guests can vouch for your attendance.

Where you were will not make a difference, the fact that matters is being able to support your claim of not being near the victim when the assault occurred. You will need to provide movie ticket stubs, fellow employees who can vouch for your presence, or any other reliable source of evidence.

When you need a defense strategy against assault charges in Minnesota, speed is essential in handling your case. You will want to contact Ringstrom Law as soon as possible. You will want to allow them time to gather the necessary evidence and information for your defense and give you the best outcome possible. Having them working for you right away will also reduce the chance of you giving statements that could harm your case.

What You Should Do If Charged with Assault

Once you have been arrested and charged with assault, your first step should be to call your attorney at Ringstrom Law. This is your legal right, and having your attorney present before making any statements could determine the outcome of your case. There are other steps to take after your arrest:

You have all heard about the Miranda, which states you have the right to remain silent after an arrest. You are not required to make any form of statement about the incident leading to your arrest until your attorney from Ringstrom Law is present. You do not want to make claims of innocence or try to explain any of your actions without an attorney by your side. 

In assault charges, it is common for the accusations to be proven exaggerated or false as the events often occur during the ‘heat of the moment’ situations. If you have been accused of assault, it is important that you do not attempt to make contact with your accuser. Communication with your alleged victim could result in making your charges more severe.

 The police might use interrogation tactics that have been created to trick you into talking about your case or actions. They may use promises of leniency if you admit your guilt, or they may even try to make you believe they have witnesses to the assault that does not exist.

Remember, the police do not have the legal power to lower your sentence, and whatever evidence exists is going to be presented in court. You don’t want to fall for these interrogation tactics, but remain quiet until your attorney from Ringstrom Law is by your side.

If the police should arrive at your place of business or your home to make the arrest, you want to step outside and close the door behind you. Once the door is closed, they will have to ask your permission to search your area. If you allow them inside, they will attempt to gather evidence against you. If they do not have a warrant to search, you want to refuse the search until they obtain the warrant. Once a warrant has been issued, you will have no legal standing to refuse the search; you will then have to allow them into your home or business.

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If you are facing charges for assault in Minnesota, you need an experienced attorney who understands the court system and assault laws. Contact Ringstrom Law at 218-284-0484 to ensure your future and your rights are protected. These are serious charges with life-altering consequences, and you want qualified legal representation to receive the best possible outcome with your case. Call today and speak with a criminal defense attorney in Moorhead who is ready to stand behind you and get you the best possible outcome against these charges.

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